The 21st Century Dry Eye Clinic

‘Specialist Club’ is an educational initiative, designed to bring together like-minded practitioners keen to develop their sphere of practice in interesting new directions, sometimes with an element of commercial in addition to a clinical focus.

This meeting, focussed on Dry Eye, is a little different featuring 4 workshops with the whole day awarding 13 CPD points total. 

Held at the ABDO Resource Centre, we will utilise their fully equipped consulting rooms to run live skills workshops, covering topics including the ones below.

Mon, 6 February 2023
09:00 – 17:00h

ABDO National Resource Centre
4th Floor, Aqueous II, Aston Cross, Business Village
Chester Street
B6 5RQ

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IPL: The new frontier in Dry Eye treatment

While Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) has been used in Dermatology for many years it is still an emerging modality in eye care. This workshop explores the scope of ocular conditions that can be treated or managed with this technology, starting with an overview of the science and then move on to IPL’s applications in eye care, followed by looking at some patient cases.

Measuring osmolarity and MMP-9 to rule-in and
rule-out Dry Eye

This workshop will revise hyperosmolarity and the inflammatory nature of Dry Eye disease. It will demonstrate the use of the TearLab device and InflammaDry test as aids to both ruling-in and ruling-out dry eye disease. Following their demonstration, delegates will be able to practice using both tools for themselves.

The use of meibography in diagnosing and managing Dry Eye Disease

This workshop will revise the role of the meibomian glands and how meibography can assist with the diagnosis and subsequent management of dry eye. Two alternative instruments that enable assessment of the condition of the meibomian glands will be demonstrated and the results reviewed and discussed. Following this delegates will be able to practice taking meibography images for themselves.

Punctum plugging in practice

Though dry eye symptoms can be significantly reduced with the use of artificial tears, patients can feel burdened with the frequent use of drops and become non-compliant. Punctal plugs can relieve some of this burden. In this workshop we will demonstrate, and delegates will practice, the inse ion and removal of semi-perminent silicone punctum plugs.

Pictures from last years event