Contact Lens Workshop

Join our next Specialist Club event where like-minded individuals come together to share their knowledge and expertise about Contact Lenses. This time we are delving into the world of contact lenses, including; sclerals, hybrids and ortho-k and featuring a review of current contact lens options for myopia management.

Attendance at this event award 15 CPD points in total.


Monday 8th April 2024
09:00 – 17:00

ABDO National Resource Centre
4th Floor, Aqueous II, Aston Cross, Business Village, Chester Street Birmingham, B6 5R

Workshop: Scleral lens fitting

In this workshop delegates will apply, assess the fit and remove scleral contact lenses. There are various techniques for the application and removal of these lenses and delegates will have the opportunity to try these techniques. The delegates will learn to assess the fit, how the fit of the peripheral design effects the performance of the lens and how the changes they make will affect the outcome of the fitting process

With Martin Conway
CPD skills workshop – 3 points

Workshop: Ortho-k fitting

This ‘ hands on’ workshop will demonstrate capture techniques, and the necessity of accurate topography with the interpretation of results. Delegates will be required to wear Ortho-k lenses for a short period of time and assess appropriate fluorescein patterns. Repeat topographies will give an indication of the speed of epithelial compressive change in a short space of daytime wear.

By Nick Howard
CPD skills workshop – 3 points

Workshop: Fitting success with EDOF lenses

Extended Depth of Focus contact lenses require a different approach to fitting than traditional multifocal designs. In this workshop, delegates will carry out a fitting routine, finding how to get to the correct initial prescription, application and troubleshooting.

With Nick Atkins
CPD skills workshop – 3 points

Review of challenging contact lens fittings

In this discussion workshop, delegates will look at three contact lens fits, a mature multifocal wearing presbyope, an orthoK fitting and a vaulting design lens empirically fitted to an irregular cornea. Delegates will be able to review the issues experienced by the patients and discuss various possible resolutions.

By Phil Thompson
CPD skills workshop – 3 points

The theory of scleral lens fitting

By Martin Conway
CPD interactive lecture – 1 point

Introducing Povidone-iodine: A new level of disinfection efficacy for contact lenses

With Nick Atkins
CPD discussion lecture – 2 points

Programme is subject to change